Specialty items

At the heart of our moving service is our commitment to giving customers a hassle-free experience. It is in this spirit that we handle our clients’ belongings with care. From bath towels to ceramic bowls, count on Moving Relocation Systems specialty item moving team. We will pack, transport, and unload them properly so that they may arrive at your new house all in one piece.

How we handle your possessions, however, can vary according to their size, fragility, and the material they’re made of. Clothing, towels, and sheets go into standard boxes, for example, along with pillows, books, and other items that don’t need padding. Plates, glasses, cutlery, and other breakable objects, meanwhile, require cushioning and extra surface protection.

The specialty items we handle include:

We Keep Your Specialty Items Safe

When you’ve lived in your home for years, you’re are sure to have accumulated many material possessions. Some will undoubtedly be valuable—specialty items that are either or both fragile and expensive.
Count on Moving Relocation Systems to handle your specialty belongings with care. We’ve become experts at packing specialty items and transporting them over short and long distances.
We do more than put your precious belongings in boxes.

Our packing team knows of packing strategies that could only be developed with years of experience and practical application. From the materials we use to the sequence of loading boxes into trucks, we strategize to protect your belongings from scratches or dents while en route to your new home.Let Moving Relocation Systems give you peace of mind. We offer top-notch residential packing and moving solutions, having us as your moving company will take a huge load off your shoulders. We’ll handle your possessions with care, especially your specialty items.